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I created a world of my own from the beginning. I painted a new world, only possibilities, only desires, like a dream with a sun. This work never reaches completion. It has the feeling of dissatisfaction that means youth. So you examine your body and yourself from the beginning. You distinguish the nonsense by recording the world as an act of salvation. I have painted through all that I have lived and in the same way that I have lived it. I have discovered and gathered mineral colours from the ground and I placed them partially on the panel like a primitive act of feeling the world. And everything always restarts like this. I paint to escape madness and this helps me exist.

Painting is like love. Love gives you strength, it crashes your inherent hatred and prejudice. It completes you and your life. Only for the sake of painting can I predict the essentials and surrender my time. And do not forget. Nietzsche said that poets shamelessly lie. Go out to the world and discover life.


 My path to Art - Marche vers l' Art / 2019

 Marina Olympios - All rights reserved