Texts written on Marina Olympios work:
2013 In Search of the Inhabitants of a Lost Paradise. read more
  Elena Christodoulidou - Art Historian, Senior Educational Officer, Chairman of the Film Advisory Committee,
  Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus
2013 The Forgotten Light of Time read more
  Elisabeth Chambon, Curator of the Musée Géo-Charles.
2013 Talk to me about love read more
  Evelyne Artaud, Art Critic, Curator and Editor
2013 An Inner Quest read more
  Jeanne Fayard, Specialist on Camille Claudel and author of the Preface of «Dossier Camille Claudel»
  of Jacques Cassar (Klincksieck, 2011) and of the biography «The passionate life of Rodin».
2013 The Journey of a Manifesto read more
  Andri Michael, Art Historian, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History at Jules Verne University
  (Amiens, France)
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2010 Professor Art Historian Constantinos V. Proimos analyses Marina Olympios ‘ work in his text: “I am Interested in
  Real Fiction”. Marina Olympios’ Painting, Photograph, Video and Performance Testimonies.  read more
2006 Art Historian Tonia Loizou presented Marinas Olympios work Five Different Stones at her exhibition at Gallery
  Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaca - Cyprus.  read more
1998 Art critic Christopher Phillips presented an article in Art In America magazine, March 1998, no. 3 on Marinas
  Olympios Exhibition at Lehmann Maupin Gallery New York.
1997 Art Historian Elisabeth Chambon Conservateur du Musée Géo-Charles presented Marina Olympios works of the
  exhibition at the museum, edition of the catalogue. read more
1996 Art Historian Paul Ardenne wrote a text on Marina Olympios exhibition at Renos Xippas Gallery Paris, artpress,
  March 1996.
1995 Art critic Grègory Lang presented an article on Marinas Olympios exhibition at Renos Xippas Gallery in “Sites &
  Culture” magazine Paris.
1995 Art Historian Eric Feloneau exhibition at the capcMusée d art contemporain de Bordeaux, galerie Pour la vie,
  edition of the catalogue. read more
1994 Journalist Michel Le Bayon presented a text on Marina Olympios exhibition at the galerie OZ Paris in the
  Le Journal des Expositions, June 1994.
1994 Art Historian Professor Roger Balboni.  President of the Passages Centre of Contemporary Art.  Exhibition in
  Troyes, France, edition of the book Europa a story of Art, Deste Foundation. read more
1993 Writer - poet Yves Bergeret presented Marina Olympios' film at the French Cultural Centre in Nicosia, Cyprus.
  read more
1992 Professor - writer Marcelin Pleynet presented a lecture on Marinas Olympios film “L’ Art Justice” Centre Georges
  Pompidou Paris, edition Deste Foundation.

Lecture of professor Vassia Karabelias at the University of Sorbonne on Marina Olympios Work. 27 February 1992

  Université Paris IV SORBONNE.

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