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Marina Olympios Lycourgos is a multi-talented artist and a multi-aspect creator.  She is not only a researcher in art, but also a tireless researcher of nature, ancient civilizations and History. 

In her artistic process she has produced a series of substantial works that consist mainly of sculptures, actions and performances, using multimedia, using different objects and photography projections.  Creating the Living Art. Art of the Road.  Works of research that provide new expressions and experiences, possibilities with strictly personal formulations. Each one of her projects is limitless and original and on the same time self existent and universal. 

Her latest work consists of two dimensional works and sculptures and is the continuation of her previous works.  Main characteristics are the tendency for research, the freedom of expression and the protest which all together now gain a new dimension and coexist in her work and focus on her psychological world.  Emotion dominates in all attempts and the successive conflicts are represented in the multi-levelled paintings with vivid and dynamic brush touches that express herself and each other observer.  Her personal story is behind each attempt.  And if everything seems to be as made by chance or appearing in a random way, this is only the first impression.  Beyond that the truth and real questioning dominate. 

Nature consists in all ways in an endless inspiration source for the artist (photographs).  It is the link between Truth - Existence - Man.  Contact and communication and the timeless journey of the plants, i.e. the pollen grain, passionate the artist who picks up and understands the messages of the living world and continues to travel.

Tonia Loizou
Historian of Art

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