The Journey of a Manifesto

In her recent work, Marina Olympios places in the centre of her action a mental and spiritual walk that aims to start the thread that will unite her personal story with the history of the world. In this unfolding of unknown aspects of the world and of life there is no beginning and no end. Printed photographs, videos and paintings act as testimonies of this journey, to which the artist confers a deep spiritual dimension. If one never writes only by the hand, but also the foot definitely needs to participate, as Nietzsche said, underlining the important role of walking in the process of thinking, for Marina Olympios this action is an integral part of the creative process. Not the idle walk, but the walk of search, of exploration, of intense involvement not only of the body, but also of the spirit and the soul.

Without forgetting that the exploration of virgin areas and the search for myths and stories has been an important part of the work of Land Artists, for Marina Olympios this search also relates to the reinterpretation of the concept of the «sacred element», of which she searches for the various expressions, beyond any specific religious tone, in the field of art and nature. It is with a very special mysticism that Olympios as an artist, a woman, a mother and a scientist of gemmology faces the earth in different parts of the horizon.

With the cognitive association of cultures that flourished at the same time without ever meeting, Olympios creates a kind of unified cognitive geography. Finding incredible correspondences between these far-off cultures, she invokes a kind of utopia, where fragmentation results in a perfectly harmonious mental and spiritual reunion. In her anxiousness to map the landscapes, which she records with her photo or video camera, she spontaneously attempts a purifying taxonomic process: nothing should be lost – and she should be able to share them all...

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The artist brings back in her own personal way what occupied many important artists in the 1960s, such as John Cage and Allan Kaprow: to regain the primeval magical dimension of art, which was inseparably linked to life. Without prejudice for the introduction to her work of emotions and passions that were opposed by artists who believed in a more conceptual direction in art, Marina Olympios, through this comprehensive, highly autobiographical series of works, makes a fully conscious and profound spiritual testament.

Andri Michael, Art Historian, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History at Jules Verne University (Amiens, France)


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