Talk to me about love

We met in Nicosia, at a dinner where the rule was to talk about love. A dinner between women, a sort of artistic «banquet» filmed as a performance. But we both quickly forgot the instructions and, abandoning the imposed theme, we ventured out of the platitudes, to a real meeting. I did not know her passion about geology at the time, but what I felt in the cold of that hangar was the solar presence of this powerful and luminous woman, bright and vivacious, who enlightened for me this gastronomic moment.

In the hubbub of the conversations, I retained a few words that echo in me at the memory of this dinner: cave, exploration, journey, walk, passion, stone, child ... wasn’t that talking about love in a different way? A powerful love that attracts Marina, with the aquatic name, towards the Earth, towards the interior of the Earth, in a quest for origins, where the opposites meet, darkness and light, the source and the tomb, where the sky is reflected in the abyss, at the place itself where the separation has not yet taken place.

A lively, deep and sensitive presence to this millennial memory that she lives as a metaphor of her own body: woman, mother, lover, artist would hold in Marina to this same and unwavering attachment to the mineral kingdom, and if we can read in the blue of her eyes as the infinite echo of this powerful quest, is that her music is indeed that of spaces devoid of all intention.

In the manner of this stone called cairn, which, along the path indicates a direction without ever specifying its name, would Marina be faced with this indecipherable enigma? There is no answer in her work, no certainty, no assurance coming to protect the energy deployed to this progression, whose space expands and whose horizon moves away together with the advance of the march. Only a few signs, a few traces, just visible, that are different from what exists, allow to think that an underground labour is at work, a work that is revealed only by the look and the attention that we want to give.

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A look that always amazes and wonders: how is the world when I’m not there? Marina exercises herself in this clairvoyance, which is the stuff of artists in perpetual risk, that of all true creation, towards the unknown of non-knowledge, towards the unexpectedness of non-will, towards the absence of non-power, depositing some traces of this thought, whose necessary condition would be the game, which gives room for desire to circulate. So this evening we scrupulously respected the rule of this game dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of the island of Cyprus and of love.

Evelyne Artaud, Art Critic, Curator and Editor


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